Koffler Scientific
Reserve at Jokers Hill


2023-24 Fee Schedule

Overnight accommodations

Shared Housing

Nightly: $16

Weekly: $75

Monthly: $270

Housing for Faculty and Post-docs

Nightly: Free, up to 2 weeks

Weekly: Free, up to 2 weeks

Monthly: $500

Research Fees

Program fees allow researchers to perform multiple experiments under the same fee, with an area surcharge to account for variability in usage intensity. Waivers or reduced fees may be available; contact the KSR Director for details. An estimate of fees will be provided with project approvals.



$1,600/year UofT

$1,750/year non UofT

Experiment Limit


Area Surcharge:

0-2,000 square meters at




$775/study UofT

$875/study non UofT

Experiment Limit

Director’s discretion

Area Surcharge:


Collection Only


$275 Collection fee only

Experiment Limit


Area Surcharge:


Two (2) hours of site prep, water delivery, or labour from the KSR staff is included in these rates. Also included is access to classroom, dry lab, and wet space. All wet lab users must be trained and have Director’s approval.


Program: Multiple experiments, studies, pilot projects, collections, and investigations per lab or research group.

Study: Observational study compatible with alternate uses or not requiring maintenance or site preparation. Examples: Observation vegetation sampling, behavioural observations, remote sensing.

Area: Land area demarcated for use by a single PI. Precludes other uses and restricts access by other users. Examples: fenced plots, marked zones around cattle tanks, large screen structures to exclude pollinators, plowed fields.

Collection: Sampling of organisms or specimens for further analysis in a PI’s home lab. Collection activities must be pre-approved, non-depleting, and avoid conflicting with other uses. Examples: Collecting nematodes for sequencing, seeds for corissing experiments, aquatic larvae for lab work.

Set-up and Maintenance Fees:

Setup, maintenance, mowing, plowing, water delivery, etc. by the Station or Facilities Manager are billed at $60/hour.

Vehicle Usage Fees:

Vehicles are available for daily use at $0.54km


Shared and private housing options are available at low rates. Please consult the yearly fee schedule for rates and the housing reservation form to reserve housing.

Principal Investigators from the University of Toronto and from other institutions will be invoiced for accumulated fees at the end of the field season, due 30 days after receipt.  

Cheques should be made payable to “Jokers Hill Estates” and mailed to: 

Koffler Scientific Reserve Business Office
c/o University of Toronto
25 Willcocks Street, Room 3055H
Ontario, M5S 3B2, Canada.