Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Test

Project Description: 

During the past decades, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) received extensive research interest due its numerous potential applications missions such as reconnaissance and surveillance, search and rescue, wild fire monitoring, and robotic exploration. The Flight Systems and Control Group at University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) is a leading laboratory in flight control and autonomous vehicle research in Canada. The research projects related to UAV in this group includes: 1) Cooperative control of multi-UAVs for autonomous search, surveillance and sensing; 2) Energy extraction from atmospheric turbulence for long endurance UAV; 3) UAV Formation flight with motion synchronization. Theoretical results of these projects will be verified through real flight test at Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill.

Principal Investigator: 

Professor Hugh H.T. Liu, Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto

Other Investigators: 
Mingfeng (Jason) Zhang, Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto 
Difu Shi, Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto 
Shael Markin, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

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