Pilot field experiment at KSR: Do specific strains of rhizobia associate with host plant genotype and if so is there spatial variation?

Project Description

To determine whether particular host genotypes associate with specific strains of rhizobia, and whether these associations change across space. The pilot will be mostly used to address technical issues (i.e., establishment rates, set-up duration, et c.), and whether patterns can even be detected within or between plots (i.e., same strain associates with all host genotypes, et c.)

Additional Scientific Information

Overview (per plot, 2 plots total): 200 seeds of M. lupulina will be planted (20 genotypes, 10 replicates of each) 50 cm apart (or to fit into plot) in a 14 by 14 array (~7 m by 7 m, 50 sq meters w/ buffer). Plants will be harvested, nodules dissected, and soil samples taken prior to and after planting to compare rhizobia diversity.

Principal InvestigatorMegan Frederickson
Researcher(s):Rebecca Batstone

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