Effects of habitat structure on matrix permeability for adult dragonflies

Functional connectivity is the realized extent to which habitat patches are connected by the movement of individuals or genetic material. This connectivity can be influenced by both individual level traits affecting movement behaviour and by the landscape context in which this movement occurs. This project will use translocations of adult male dragonflies to assess how body size and conditions in the terrestrial landscape interact to affect the probability that these animals will return to the breeding pond at which they were captured. Functional connectivity has important implications for the ability of populations to persist and for community structure and because of this it is central to conservation planning. However, in most systems we lack data about the effects of both landscape structure and individual phenotype for functional connectivity. This project will help fill that gap and provide novel insights into forces determining landscape connectivity.

Principal Investigators: Shannon McCauley, Marie-Josee Fortin & Locke Rowe

Researcher: Lais Mascarenhas Sacchetto N Leite

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