Policy Governing Field Work

This policy has been developed by the Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill Scientific Oversight Committee in order to facilitate research at the Reserve. Observational studies, experimental research, and teaching uses all are encouraged; the intent of this policy is to minimize associated environmental impacts, conflicts among researchers, and conflicts with management practices. Development of this policy is ongoing, and changes and additions may be expected. Updates will be made available on the KSR web page.

  • All new and continuing research and teaching must be approved annually by the Scientific Oversight Committee. Applications must be submitted via the forms provided by April 17 (or 30 days before the proposed start date for work scheduled to begin before March 30). Applications will be accepted, rejected, or requested to be modified on the basis of environmental impacts, conflicts with existing or proposed research, and compatibility with site management. The scientific merit of the proposal will also be weighed in all requests involving long-term projects or substantial environmental impacts.
  • Applications must include a 200 word general abstract to be posted on the KSR website.  Investigators should compose these summaries with the general public in mind.  This means, keep away from jargon and indicate the societal benefits of the work, as appropriate.
  • If an approved research plan changes significantly (i.e., if there are changes in the potential for impacts on other projects or the environment), it will be necessary to re-confirm approval with the Scientific Oversight Committee.
  • Study sites must be selected in consultation with the KSR director and/or  Station Manager.  The online site map Once study sites are chosen, the Principal Investigator will supply GPS coordinates n the form of a *.kml file, suitable for uploading to Google Earth.
  • Once approved, projects will be given a designated Project Number, which should appear on all correspondence.
  • All plots must be distinctively marked with flagging bearing the project number and the date of installation and date of expected completion. Unmarked or unauthorized materials may be removed by the KSR staff.
  • Upon the termination of a project, any equipment, plot markers, etc. must be removed by the researcher within 6 months of the final report. Researchers may be charged for the removal of abandoned materials. Long-term or permanent plots are permitted, but may require special approval.
  • On site housing is available. Consult the Housing Reserving form or send an email ksr.manager@utoronto.ca.
  • Logistical support (site preparation, utilities, equipment use) may be available on a limited basis. Researchers anticipating such needs should enquire with the Director ad coordinate with the Reserve Manager well in advance.
  • A report must be completed annually for any work performed in the previous year, including both completed and continuing work. Reports must be submitted on the forms provided by April 1. Summaries will be posted online, unless the researcher requests otherwise. Summaries may be provided less frequently for long-term projects if the Scientific Oversight Committee agrees.
  • All research and program fees must be paid prior to the publication of any research performed at KSR.
  • Publication of work performed at Joker’s Hill must acknowledge the station, and two copies of all reprints must be provided to the Scientific Oversight Committee through the Director. A single spiral-bound copy of all theses also must be provided.
  • All research must conform both to government regulations and to the safety, ethical, and animal use guidelines established by the University of Toronto.  See the following for details.

U of T Guidelines and Information for Animals in Research

U of T Environmental Health and Safety

U of T Field Research Safety

Violation of these guidelines may result in the withdrawal of research permission.

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