U of T Aeronautics Team Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flight Testing

Project Description

The U of T Aeronautics Team has designed and built an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for several upcoming international competitions, and plans to conduct flight testing of the system at KSR in the spring of 2013. The prototype aircraft, named the U of T Explorer (or UT-X), has a wingspan of 6.5 feet inches and a total weight of 22 lbs.  It is equipped with a variety of different payloads that can stream data back live to the operator, and is guided by a GPS autopilot capable of following waypoints and performing autonomous take-offs and landings. The main objectives of flight-testing will be to verify the performance of the aircraft, tune the navigation and attitude control systems, and determine the quality of the data captured by the payload on board.

Principal InvestigatorPhilippe Lavoie
Researcher(s): Mina Mitry, Stefan Aprodu



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