Pathogen evolution and counter-adaptation to resistance and tolerance in frogs

Project Description:
The goal of this project is to determine if Rana spp. frog populations that do not die as a result of the emerging infectious disease, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, are resistant to the disease (can avoid becoming infected), or tolerant of the disease (can mitigate the costs of infection). This porject will aid in understanding how both a hosts’ response and the environment that the host is in, influence a pathogen’s level of virulence (ability to induce illness in a host). Furthermore, this will provide insight into how some populations and species are avoiding complete extirpation by B. dendrobatidis. The results of this study will provide researchers with an understanding of the pathogenicity of B. dendrobatidis, how environmental variables affect it, and assist in developing measures that can be used to protect frog populations globally.

Principal Investigator: 

Prof. Robert Baker, Ecology and Evolution, University of Toronto

Other Investigators:
Crystal Vincent

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