Maple leaf gall forming mites, a comparative study of diversity and specificity with regards to tree and leaf patterns on native and non native species growing in different environments

Project Description:

A comparative study of the specificity, distribution, abundance and other characteristics of the various eriophyid mites that form galls on the native and non native Acer species with regards to differences between growing environments (urban to rural) and temperature (Toronto and Sudbury) Identification and assessment of the eriophyid species involved, with regards to any differences or patterns in distribution on a leaf and tree level. Gradients being assessed include phenology, environmental and climatic. Completion of the assessment may lead to further investigation or evaluation of any hypotheses developed

Principal Investigator: 
Prof. Sandy Smith, Forestry, University of Toronto

Other Investigators: 
Olivia Lobban, Forestry, University of Toronto
Rivka Shachak, Forestry, University of Toronto

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