Avian community and species monitoring

The Koffler Scientific Reserve is one of the largest remaining blocks of natural habitat in the Greater Toronto Area, and its forests, fields and wetlands support a diverse array of native species. The avian monitoring project studies the utilization of the reserve by birds during four key stages in their annual cycle: breeding, spring and fall migration, and overwintering. The reserve’s importance to individual species varies with these stages, and so the assemblage of species differs seasonally. This project studies the species present in each season, investigates the ways in which individual species use the habitat, and aims to identify the critical habitat features that should be conserved to continue to support avian biodiversity. The monitoring will also attempt to determine whether and how species composition and abundance change over time. In addition to informing local conservation management, the study contributes to both Canadian and North American cooperative studies in order to support broad scale conservation initiatives, including species at risk assessments.


Principal Investigator: Theresa McKenzie



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