Assessment of poplar clones for biomass and drought tolerance

Project Description: 

This project involves assessing 9 different poplar clones for their growth parameters in a Southern Ontario environment. We have 6 genotypically distinct clones of Populus balsamifera that vary in terms of biomass accumulation, and 3 hybrid poplar clones (DN34, Walker, WP69) each sourced from two geographically distinct stool beds to give an additional 6 clones. The trees are currently growing in 1m deep pots in growth rooms, and are ready to be bare-root planted immediately. The intention is to plant 20 replicates of each clone (plus nursery source and border rows), or 320 trees in total, with adequate spacing (e.g., 3m X 3m) to assess their survival and growth. Our intention in planting the clones is to provide another source of material for future experiments, and simply to determine how they grow in Southern Ontario.

Principal Investigator: 

Prof. Malcolm Campbell, Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto


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