A genetic link between foraging tactic and dispersal

Project Description

Populations often partition into short and long distance. We are testing whether genes that influence different foraging tactics in fruit flies is a potential mechanism underlying short and long dispersal distances observed in nature.

Additional Scientific Information

Our goal is to understand whether dispersal patterns that are frequently observed in natural animal populations can arise from genes that influence differences in foraging behaviour. For this reason we will mark and recapture fruit flies that carry different alleles of the foraging gene. These alleles occur as two variants in natural populations of fruit flies in the Toronto area (Sokolowski 1980) and their potential influence on movement over greater distances could contribute to our understanding of ecological processes such as meta population dynamics and gene flow between populations.

Principal InvestigatorMark Fitzpatrick
Researcher(s): Allan Edelsparre

publications  completed: Evolution, Ottawa 2012

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