Facilities and Fees


All institutions of higher education are welcome to use Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill for diverse, off-campus instructional activities.  Course field trips can take advantage of our lecture rooms and teaching lab space.  Sleeping and dining facilities can serve residential field courses for up to 20 students.  Contact the Director (ksr.info@utoronto.ca) for information on availability, logistics and fees.


The Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill offers 350 hectares of diverse habitats, suitable for a broad spectrum of biological studies.  Forest and wetland communities can accommodate observational and experimental studies that will not significantly alter community structure.  More manipulative studies can be conducted in oldfield communities.  Four artificial ponds are suitable for aquatic research.

Laboratory for Biodiversity and Global Change Biology:  This 350 sq-meter facility, which opened in 2010, supports field study.  Common use and “clean” bench space are available, as well as a lab for DNA extraction and amplification.  The coffee/lunch room seats 10.  Wireless Internet connection is available throughout the building.

  • The Common Use Lab–equipment includes compound and stereomicroscopes, standard and convection drying ovens, refrigerators, freezers and low-temperature incubators.  Museum cabinets for storage of reference and voucher specimens of plants and insects are also available.  Special freezers are reserved for long-term seed storage.  A mud room is reserved for cleaning and preparation of field materials
  • The Clean Lab—equipped with high-end compound and stereomicroscopes outfitted for digital imaging, and both analytical and microbalances with automated data storage.
  • The DNA Lab—set up for extraction and amplification of DNA.  Equipment includes tissue grinders, Quiagen Cube, PCR machines, gel rigs, a -80o  freezer, centrifuges and other basic equipment.

Greenhouse: A 300 m2 greenhouse, suitable for seasonal use, is available for germination and preparation of materials for out planting.

Office Space:  Desk space can also be set up in the Hospitality Barn.

Housing:  Summer housing is available for both short term and season-long residency.  Shared accommodations are available in Harkaway house, the Cottage, Hilltop house and Echo Valley.  Visitors in these houses must supply their own linens.   There is no dining service, but the residences have fully equipped cooking facilities.  For more information please email ksr.manager@utoronto.ca.


Standard Project Fee:  All research must be preceded by an approved application for use. Project fees will be assessed according to the yearly fee schedule. At the discretion of the Director, reduced fees may be made for low impact projects. Higher fees will be assessed for projects demanding higher input for staff, unusual demands on utilities (hydro, water), post-project restoration, or heavy personnel impact.

Housing:  Shared and private housing options are available at low rates. Please consult the yearly fee schedule for rates and the housing reservation form (Research and Housing Forms)  to reserve housing.

Principal Investigators from the University of Toronto and from other institutions will be invoiced for accumulated fees at end of the field season, due 30 days after receipt.  Cheques should be made payable to “Jokers Hill Estates”, and returned to the Koffler Scientific Reserve business office, 25 Willcocks Street, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3B2, Canada.

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