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  • Jan 5/2015, Latest research from Frederickson lab featured in the news!

    Mutualism between co-introduced species facilitates invasion and alters plant community structure

    Latest research from Frederickson lab featured in the news!

    Possible interactions between the introduced fire ant and an invasive plant species on seed dispersal investigated by Kirsten Prior (Postdoc, Dept of Biology, U. of Florida,  Prof Palmer’s lab),

    Jennifer Robinson (Network Manager, NSERC Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services), Shannon Meadley Dunphy (MSc student, Dept of Eco & Evo Bio, U of Toronto), and Associate Professor Megan Frederickson (Dept of Eco & Evo Bio, U of Toronto). The study is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

    Prior, K. M., Robinson, J. M., Dunphy, S. A. M., & Frederickson, M. E. (2015). Mutualism between co-introduced species facilitates invasion and alters plant community structure. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 282(1800), 20142846.

    The study conducted at the Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill used replicate mesocosms of 4 plant species (3 native, 1 introduced spring wild flower) to investigate the interaction between ants (the invasive fire ant vs. native ants) and seed dispersal.

    Ant-Plant Mesocosms

    The invasive ant moved twice the number of seeds as did the native ants. This combined with the faster development time of the invasive plant species called greater celandine  (seed to flowering plant in 2 years) resulted in mesocosms with the invasive ant were dominated by the invasive plant, but those with the native ant had lots of native plants.


    Fire ant


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  • New Reserve Director JStinchcombe         

July, 2013;  We welcome John Stinchcombe as the director of KSR.  John has taught and performed research at KSR since coming to the University of Toronto.


  • New Reserve Manager Steph

September, 2013; We welcome Mr. Stephan Schneider as reserve manager. Steph has just started, but is a long-time veteran of field stations, biological research, and knows KSR well.  Welcome Steph!


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