Graduate Awards

Zimmerman/Weis Graduate Award

All registered EEB graduate students, from all three (3) campuses, who are doing a substantial part of their research in a given year at KSR are eligible for the Zimmerman/Weis Award.

Two (2) awards are available each academic year and are funded by KSR and the Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

The award is valued at the amount of your RA stipend, otherwise paid by your supervisor, plus a $750 top up.

Award Recipients


Dale Pebesma (supervisor Prof. Benjamin Gilbert)

Sophie Breitbart (supervisors Prof. Marc Johnson and Prof. Helene Wagner)


Julia Boyle (supervisors Prof. Megan Frederickson and Prof. John Stinchcombe)

Rosemary Martin (supervisor Prof. Shannon McCauley)

Cameron So (supervisor Prof. Art Weis)

Vicki Zhang (supervisor Prof. Peter Kotanen)


Leila Forsyth (supervisor Prof. Ben Gilbert)

Georgia Henry (supervisor Prof. John Stinchcombe)


Leila Forsyth (supervisor Prof. Ben Gilbert)

David Timerman (supervisor Prof. Spencer Barrett)


Pheobe Edwards (supervisor Prof .Rudy Boonstra)

Rosemary Martin (supervisor Prof. Shannon McCauley)


Dachin Frances (supervisor Prof. Shannon McCauley)

Krystal Nunes (supervisor Prof. Peter Kotanen)

Denon Start (supervisor Prof. Ben Gilbert)


Rebecca Batstone (supervisor Prof. Megan Frederickson)

Allan Edelsparre (supervisor Prof. Mark Fitzpatrick)

Brechann McGoey (supervisor Prof. John Stinchcombe)

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